UserMirror + Segment


End-to-end UserMirror and Segment data flow diagram

There are two simple ways of configuring secure analytics with Segment:

  1. Update api_host option. All of the Segment libraries allow you to call .options({ api_host }) where you can pass in the origin proxy.

  2. Install analytics-encryption plugin. This is a UserMirror-built language-specific wrapper for analytics libraries to manage encryption. Install here

If you're using Analytics.js in the browser, you can add a line to changing api_host from to the URL of the origin proxy. The URL looks like:

End-to-end UserMirror and Segment data flow diagram

If you're using another language library, look at the configuration options in the Segment docs.

2. Installing analytics-encryption ALPHA

The analytics-encryption library gives you a few options. You can automatically configure Analytics.js to use your origin proxy to encrypt before sending to Segment and other vendors.

Encrypt through UserMirror Origin Proxy


Alternatively, if you want the enduser's browser to request a key to encrypt the data first, which gets saved in their browser or bundled with your JavaScript.

Encrypt by requesting keys from UserMirror Key Management


Here are the Segment products we support:

Segment Product
Core Pipeline
Connections · S3
Connections · Webhooks
Connections · Redshift
Connections · Postgres
Connections · Intercom
Connections · Mixpanel
Connecitons · BigQuery
Connections · Snowflake
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